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Investment Planning
Investment Process
Fee structures

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1. Investment Planning

By making use of uniquely, proprietary-owned quantitative models we can illustrate graphically the outcome of various investment scenarios.

A. Pre-Retirement Planning

How much should I save now to accumulate sufficient retirement capital for a care-free retirement?

B. Post-Retirement Planning

What should be realistic drawdown levels at retirement to sustain my retirement capital for different life expectancies? 


2. Investment Process

A. Risk Profile Analysis

By making use of both a quantitative and qualitative model one can match one’s propensity towards capital risk with various investment options.  Your specific risk profile should form the basis for investment decisions and the level of returns that reasonably can be expected.

B. Asset Allocation (mix)

How should your investments be constructed to fit your risk profile?  A quantitative model can be used to show the simulated results of using different asset mixes over different investment periods.

C. Selecting investment funds and options

By using our knowledge and expertise in understanding investment concepts and philosophies we identify asset managers that share these core principles.  We know that the art of investing is a patient process; therefore we identify ourselves with managers that are real investment people, not marketing people.

Furthermore, unlike many other professional disciplines, in the investment game you usually get more by paying less!  Therefore, we prefer asset managers which are sensitive to cost issues and continuously strive to improve their cost ratios.

D. Monitoring and Re-balancing

Depending on the services level agreement we provide quarterly, half-yearly or yearly feedback in writing as well as personal discussions.  An important part of this process is to ensure that the various asset class allocations are in line with the pre-determined level.  We do not necessarily subscribe to the idea of continuously chasing top-performing investments, since that might be temporarily and switching costs will be more than likely detrimental to your investment returns in the long run.


3. Fee structures

We do not live and die by any particular costing model and we think that we are quite flexible in this regard.  However, we prefer an ongoing fee-based model since we think that such a system is fair when providing regular feedback.
Furthermore, we believe that such a system provides maximum value in our client relationships.

Normally, we discount a percentage of the upfront fees depending on the investment amount.

Generally, fees are based on the assets under management and intensity of monitoring required. 
Below you find a fee schedule that can be used as a guideline:

Feedback frequency

Assets below R7.5 million

Assets above R7.5 million







All fees excludes VAT @ 14 %

When no feedback or mere transaction-driven actions are required we will only charge a facilitation fees. Again, discretion will be applied in the level of fees charged relative to the investment amount. Most investment products allow up to three percent upfront charges, although we very seldom operate at the maximum level.

Alternatively, consultation fees will be charged in providing investment advice. Alternatively, consultation fees will be charged in providing investment advice.


4. Additional Services

A. Tax returns for individuals

Efficient tax planning is an integral part of any investment plan. Since we normally have a comprehensive overview and knowledge of a client’s income and tax status, we file their tax returns on their behalf.
Fees will be negotiated on a individual basis.


B. Cash Management

We are licensed to operate two banking systems, Nedbank Corporate Saver and Investec Corporate Cash Management, that offer banking and deposit facilities at competitive rates with no or relatively low banking charges. We charge an administration fee based on the capital invested.

C. Estate Planning and Wills

Planning and drawing up wills with the aid of specialists, if required.

D. Risk Benefits

Life and disability cover for you and your family’s needs.


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