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Predictable Decision-making Biases

Daniel Kahneman, famous psychology researcher and winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, tells the story how many years ago, after completing his undergraduate studies in psychology, he served in the Israeli Army’s Psychology Unit. One of the unit’s tasks was to evaluate possible candidates for officer training. Teams of potential candidates underwent some … Read more

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How to improve your investment process

To develop a sustainable edge in the investment business is by no means easy, in fact most investors do not realise how difficult it really is. Greg Speicher gives some prudent advice how to improve your investment process:  10 Ways to Improve Your Investment Process l Greg Speicher l 2011

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The Elements of a Good Investment Process

The outcome of a probabilistic activity like investing can be either good or bad, especially when considered from a relative short-term perspective. Many studies researching sport, business and investing activities indicated that a good, consistent process is the key differentiator between favourable and less favourable outcomes over time. Alternatively, it is more likely that sport … Read more

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Beating the odds: Can today’s large and successful investment funds repeat their performance record?

 Today’s Largest Equity Funds  Typically these funds are the most well-known and popular funds among individual investors and advisors, or, if you like, the famous brands. As a group it constitutes 80% of all assets under management in the general equity, growth and value-style equity sectors of the collective investment industry (unit trusts).  In total … Read more

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Investors behaving foolishly

“I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.” Sir Isaac Newton, losing investor in the South Sea bubble. One suspects that Sir Isaac would be almost as delighted and amazed by what is now understood about investor behaviour as he would be by late twentieth century advances in … Read more

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