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When active investment management and costs collide…

Active investment management is appealing, at least in theory – financial experts that will be managing your hard-earned monies and who will make the tough decisions allocating it according their best views to maximise returns through time, given your pre-determined risk profile (tolerance and capacity). For that service money managers charge you management and transactional … Read more

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Retirement and much-less-than-expected portfolio returns

The question probably asked the most by prospective and current retirees: Do I really have enough retirement capital? This article investigates different scenarios when investment portfolio returns pan out much worse than expected or assumed. What is the worst that my retirement portfolio could do before jeopardizing my retirement plan?

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Sequence-of-return risk for retirees

How does the order of investment returns, whether positive and negative, affect your retirement portfolio?

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To RA or TFSA – which one is better?

Retirement annuities or tax-free savings account? RA_TFSA

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At retirement – Retirement income product choices

Living annuities have ousted guaranteed life annuities as the default choice when it comes to converting pre-retirement savings to a retirement income product. Does it mean that guaranteed annuities have no further role to play in a retirement plan? RetirementIncome_ProductChoice

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